EU Projects

Ongoing European Research Projects

ADITESS succesfully participates in several European funded Research Projects covering the areas of security policies, transportation security and border management, critical infrastructure protection, etc.

ZONeSEC: Towards a framework for the security of widezones
ARCADIA: Towards the development of a re-configurable by design highly distributed applications’ development paradigm over programmable infrastructure
INSPEC2T: Inspiring citizens participation, enhancing community policing actions
EU-CIRCLE: A paneuropean framework for strenghtning critical infrastructure resilience to climate change
PrEstoCloud Proactive Cloud Resources Management at the Edge for efficient Real-Time Big Data Processing
ASGARD Analysis System for Gathered Raw Data
SSEE-CBRNE Shielding South-east Europe from CBRN-E threats

Completed European Research Projects

P-REACT: For the development of a low cost surveillance platform that will detect Petty Crime Incidents
IMPRESS: Towards improving preparedness and response of health services on major crises
EUSTO: Promoting sustainable cooperation between stakeholders of surface transportation infrastructures, for the identification of emerging threat
3CE: Towards the provision of high quality training courses in the area of cyber-crime to all involved actors
UINFC2: Facilitate cooperation and coordination among all the major EU stakeholders through the provision of structured, analyzed, classified and correlated information, in real time